Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider managing a video diary online?

One of the major concerns of keeping video diaries is privacy. MyVideoDiary provides a mechanism that keeps recorded responses well away from prying eyes, making participants feel safe. And our secure file storage system ensures that no one but the creators of these videos will ever have access to these video diaries.

Another major concern is long-term archival. With our Video Diaries, you can rely on our commercial servers to back up and archive your files for you… permanently. And you can access them from wherever you go, whether you have your own computer with you or not.

Is this HD quality video?

Our Video Diaries have been designed from the ground up using cutting-edge live online video capture technology—which carries with it certain limitations… so, no. Current bandwidth issues on the web limit reliable general purpose live video capture to 320×240 pixels, which you’d never want to watch on your big-screen TV. But in a way, this is the perfect format for a private video diary, and as the technology matures we’ll mature right along with it in our partnership with TokBox.

Why can’t I do this myself at home?

You can!  And of course, we also encourage at-home use of the MyVideoDiary paradigm for those techno-savvy folks who feel they’ve got privacy and security issues licked. Our approach has been beta-tested in countless of case studies and school districts over the last decade, and we’re proud to now offer this vital and life-affirming family of products to the public.  With our One-Time Purchase Self-Managed Versions of MyVideoDiary, you’re paying once for Rick Stevenson as your video diary guide… and you can come back and revisit with him any time you like!

How is my account memory usage measured and monitored?

If you are a MyVideoDiary subscriber, your subscription carries limitations on cumulative video recording and playback. Please note that these limits are not reset annually, but represent the total space and bandwidth required by your account. In other words, your subscription is an annual maintenance fee for a certain share of our server space and Internet bandwidth.

Think of MyVideoDiary as a video storage locker… and your basic 5 hours of footage and 50 hours of playback time as the size of your unit.  We give you that unit to use for a year, and renew your lease on that space each year.  And when you fill your video storage locker up, you can buy an expansion upgrade of another 5 hours of footage and 50 hours of playback.  It’s that simple!

Whenever you’re recording video or playing it back, you’ll see a bargraph that indicates how much of your storage space (or playback hours) you have used up.

Where is my video footage stored?

As your footage is being captured, it is being streamed to OpenTok’s secure storage system on the Cloud.  This is necessary as a temporary step in order to meet the bandwidth demands of capturing streaming video.  Once you hit “Save,” we download each video clip to our own secure servers and delete it from the Cloud.  Each clip then becomes the private property of your account.  Even our administrators can’t watch them!

What happens to my video footage if my subscription lapses or I cancel it?

Obviously, server space costs money, so we won’t keep your files indefinitely.  But we won’t immediately dump them, either!  We will make every effort to contact lapsed subscribers and will, for a modest fee, burn data discs of your files and mail them to you before we delete them from our servers.  You’ll also be able to reactivate your subscription, too, naturally!